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Mobile Page Speed Soon to Be a Google Ranking Factor

by Auroriele Hans February 7th, 2018

Mobile, mobile, mobile—it’s where people spend most of their online time these days: whether their kids are sick and they need to look up flu symptom stat, pay a bill, watch a funny video a friend sent, or even plan their next vacation, people are increasingly grabbing their smartphones and tablets to complete tasks online. […]

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google mobile first index

How to Prepare for Google’s Mobile-First Index

by Auroriele Hans January 3rd, 2018

The search marketing industry may not have seen as many algorithmic changes as in 2016, but one trend has remained consistent throughout 2017 and will only become more important as we enter 2018: mobile search. Last year brought the mobile-friendly algorithm update, the expansion of Accelerated Mobile Pages, and the announcement that Google would shift […]

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8 Search Marketing Strategy Tips for 2017

by Auroriele Hans February 2nd, 2017

Planning your search marketing strategy for 2017? Well, looking to the past can often be helpful when preparing for the future—especially in an ever-changing industry like search. Let’s see how the major events of 2016 could shape your online strategy for the new year. Search Marketing Changes of 2016: Major Considerations 1. Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm […]

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Google Starts Shift to Mobile-First Indexing

by Auroriele Hans November 14th, 2016

We’ve known for a while now that more people search on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Always prioritizing user experience, Google has responded with the mobile-friendly algorithm, the expansion of Accelerated Mobile Pages, and now with a shift to primarily index mobile pages. The company announced last week that it has begun experimenting on […]

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