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SEO Savvy was formed in 2007 by three professionals with diverse experience in complementary realms of Internet marketing. Since then, we’ve grown into a devoted team of sharp content creators, keen web designers and savvy social leaders. With exactly the right combination of talent and vision, we mobilize conversions for our clients through a variety of organic search strategies, including strategic website development, custom content campaigns, local search optimization and intentional social exposure.

What Happened to Google Authorship?

by SEO Savvy October 29th, 2014

As you may know, Google announced at the end of August that Google Authorship would be no longer. For many content creators and online marketers, this may not come as a surprise: Of the 50 most influential social media marketers, only 30% actually used Google Authorship, according to Forbes. So it’s safe to assume that […]

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tips for landing page

5 Quick & Easy Tips To Improve Your Landing Pages

by SEO Savvy October 22nd, 2014

The world around is full of marketing messages competing for attention. There’s an estimate that consumers are exposed to an average of 5,000 of these messages per day. The Internet can be a competitive space when marketing your product or service. If you’ve got something to sell or to say, you want to stand out […]

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stuck on titles

Stuck on Titles? Transform Your Headlines Into Irresistible Hooks

by SEO Savvy October 15th, 2014

  As advertisers and marketers know, it’s hard to capture the fleeting attention of consumers in the digital age. But it is possible to craft unique and interesting headlines for your personal or business use without paying an “expert” to do it for you. It just takes a little time, creativity and practice. An Internet […]

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content marketing jello

Content Marketing of Yore: The Jell-O story

by SEO Savvy September 18th, 2014

There’s nothing like a little history lesson to give some perspective to your content marketing efforts. While many people assume that content marketing is something that came along after the development of the Internet, there’s at least one popular brand that has been using content marketing successfully for over 100 years now, and it all […]

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