Why Your Business Needs to Be More Social

More and more businesses are staking out their claims in social media. According to a survey by Manta.com, about 55% of all businesses say they have social media profiles. But, more than half of those say that they have not yet seen a return on their social media investment. The problem isn’t social media, but the way that it’s used. The key: using social media to get more social.

One dental office found that their new patient inquiries increased six-fold since they began marketing with videos, Twitter, blog posts and other social media. Seventy-five percent of all new inquiries come from their online presence. Customers found the information provided in their posts helpful, which built considerable trust. By being there for your customers online, you can increase engagement and drive profits.

Remember That Social Media Is a Two-way Conversation

More than one company has tried to take traditional marketing’s top-down approach and apply it to social media marketing. This is a mistake that results in social media disasters like JP Morgan’s disastrous #AskJPM hashtag or the McDonald’s #McDStories.

Where both of those companies went wrong is thinking they could control the conversation. Instead of jumping straight in, remember the first key to being a great conversationalist: listen more than you talk. Tools such as Mention app allow you to see when and how your company and your competitors are talked about online, and in what context. Use this information to tailor promotions, products and more. By offering what people are looking for, you can earn their business.

Make Your Presence Online About Your Customers

According to TheNextWebPinterest now has over 70 million users. Businesses ranging from small Etsy stores to major magazine publishers have found new customers by sharing great pictures, curating other posters’ content and drawing attention to exciting developments. Retailer Target, for example, takes time to greet new followers and to respond to comments. The result is a warmer, more human relationship.

Use Social Media to Help

JetBlue responds to almost every single customer complaint that comes their way on Twitter. In many cases, they provide answers to questions within the hour. Not only does this save the customer a phone call; it doubles as public relations.

To make your brand more social, you should always remember to think from your clients’ perspective. They want ways to make their lives easier and more fulfilled; in other words, their focus is on what your brand is doing for them. When you can use your presence online to meet their demands, it doesn’t just build a relationship with one person – it can be some of the most powerful marketing you can do for your brand.

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