How to Extract More Value from Your Old Content

If you have been keeping up with your company blog for a period of time, then you have a rich marketing resource that can be tapped into. Your existing content can be repurposed and reshared in a number of ways, in order to extend its value. Learn how to get more out of old content to educate web surfers and bring in traffic and possible customers to your site.

Update Old Posts

Take a look at your old blog posts. What has changed in your industry since you posted last on a specific topic? For instance, there are new updates to Google’s algorithm frequently. If you have a post created in 2013 that discusses the evolution of all of Google’s major updates up through Hummingbird, you’ll want to create a new post with bullet points regarding the new Panda 4.0, and include a link to your in-depth post. You’ll be giving new readers exposure to old posts, which is good for SEO, as search engines show a preference for frequently updated websites.

Create Compilation Posts

Have you written several posts on a specific topic? Write a compilation post that picks the best parts of those other posts and links to each of them. This can give your visitors a place to find all the information they want in one place, and it’s a fast and easy way to bring in more readers.

To remind you to refresh this content and to give regular readers something to look forward to, do a “Best of” post on a regular basis. Blogs that are updated numerous times a day could do this as often as once a week, in the form of a Friday Flashback post. Blogs that are updated less often could have an “In Case You Missed It” post maybe once a month.

Follow the Trends

Pay attention to trending topics on Twitter, and create an RSS feed for your industry, as well as news in general. If you’re following the latest happenings, you may find that you have a piece of content in your archives that could be of use to others who are following the tweets on that trend.

For example, when the Heartbleed Bug hit, people were scrambling to figure out what it was, and what they needed to do to stop it. By directing them to a post you have written on internet safety, you’re getting more views for old content that may have been buried by new posts. Be sure to be tactful in your dialogue on message boards or hashtag threads; No one wants content shoved down their throat. Simply engage and recommend.

Write and Distribute EBooks

Have you written reams of content on specific topics relevant to your industry? It likely won’t take much work to organize this content into an eBook. Sometimes all that is needed is an introduction, conclusion and a table of contents. Enlisting those who’ve been through the process before to format the text can produce professional results quite affordably.

EBooks can be given away on your site in exchange for email sign ups. Or, if you are in a position to add new, exclusive content, they can even be used to create additional streams of revenue.

Present Information in Fresh Ways with Infographics

Does your blog feature any research and data-heavy posts? These are perfect to turn into infographics. This form of content is quick and easy to read and packs in visual appeal. People love to share them, which can bring in links to your site. Be sure to watermark your infographic and, if possible, provide embeddable versions, as well as linking out to the old content within the post.

The content on your site can be one of your strongest marketing assets. By using and reusing this information, you can provide more value to your viewers while getting the best exposure for your marketing dollar.

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