Why You Need a Content Marketing Team

Content marketing continues to rise in popularity and inbound marketing brings in 54% more new leads than traditional marketing methods, according to WebDAM.

You may not know where to even begin in the process of building a better flow of content marketing for your business this year. If you need to strengthen your strategy or build a brand new one, then you should take seriously a content marketing team who can lighten the load and fully commit to the important marketing process.

Giving Your Brand a Voice

A team dedicated to strategy and production will be able to focus solely on what your brand needs and how it can best reach the target audience. Your team will want to focus on setting goals for what your brand wants to accomplish, such as:

  • Growing your customer base
  • Building a stronger expert reputation in the community
  • Strengthening relationships with other influencers in the industry
  • Engaging the customer
  • Attracting new leads
  • Reducing the bounce rate for your site

As you work towards any of these goals, your brand voice will need to be consistent and cohesive throughout your marketing strategies. If your approach to creating content is haphazard, then your brand will appear disorganized, without direction and unprofessional to your customers. Filtering all of your content through a single voice will help to establish the credibility of your content, and subsequently, your brand as a whole.

The Time Commitment

Content marketing takes a huge amount of work and dedication to be truly successful. You will want to have a group in charge of identifying industry trends, keyword research, creating solid ideas, great writing, query responses, design and measuring success.

If a single person in your company who has numerous other tasks and no identifiable skills in this area takes on the task of writing blog posts or managing social media, they’re likely to become overwhelmed by this expansive role, which can hurt your company’s reputation. Instead, you will want a designated team with assigned roles who can post on a regular schedule, keep all platforms updated and create quality content that draws in strong new leads.

Professional Content Creation

Hubspot recently wrote about the various ways in which you can structure your content marketing team, based on the size of your business and how you function. Your team may have ten members or it may just have two, but having employees who are trained and hired for this sole purpose is important for the success of your content marketing and visual brand presence. Some of the various roles that can be assigned are:

Content Analyst or Managing Editor – Someone to oversee the production process and help measure the success rates. This person helps come up with content marketing strategies and discovers which elements will serve your company best.

Content Creators, Designers and Producers – These people are good at coming up with ideas for content, writing the content and then making the content beautiful and engaging when it is published to the platform. They must also be familiar with the different social media platforms and know how to navigate them easily.

Listening Officer or Virtual PR Manager – In a larger company, you will want to have someone who solely considers how your audience perceives your company. This person monitors all virtual outlets for your company, is in charge of responding to customer concerns and complaints in a timely manner and helps direct customers to the appropriate resources.

Depending on your resources, it may be difficult to have multiple people performing the same job, or any person with only one job title. You may find that people work best when their designated tasks overlap with those of another role, or this may prove difficult to manage. Regardless, having an established hierarchy helps to eliminate confusion and create better content that meets your criteria.

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