First Time at Pubcon Las Vegas? Tips on How to “Survive” a Week Long Conference in Sin City

Las Vegas is infamous for its lavish parties, crazy nightlife and over the top events but, every year it’s known, in our industry, for throwing one of the best Internet marketing conferences around. If you have never attended Pubcon Vegas, get ready for a jam-packed week of knowledge, great people and fun times.

Since Pubcon is held in Las Vegas, sometimes I wonder how anything actually gets done, but plenty does. Not only will you learn some great info, maybe some killer new tips, but you’ll surely meet a lot of new people and build awesome relationships. In fact, Mark, Jihan and I met in 2007 at Pubcon and officially launched SEO Savvy there. 5 years later, we’re still going strong and still attending Pubcon each year.

So, with so many distractions Las Vegas has (lots of Pubcon parties this year), how does one actually stay focused, retain everything they will learn, get work done and not find themselves unable to leave their hotel room? Here’s some tips from those of us who have attended the event year-after-year which will hopefully help you get the most out of, and get you through, the beast that is Pubcon Las Vegas.

“Buy people lots of drinks, and try not to get too drunk so you can remember some of the sh** people talked about when they were hammered“@chrishooley,

“Drink lots of water”Andrea Shoemaker-Timbrook

“Less time spent on scooters and more time spent in actual events? I’m just guessing here, personally, I am a fan of the scooter as long as I am a passenger with a ‘responsible’ driver. And of course lots of PANK (Pink Drinks) ones…”Cheryl Clark

“Be patient and don’t go to bed before 10pm.”Chris F.

“Despite the fact that you’re in Vegas, do not get so wasted you make an a** out of yourself. You don’t want that label when you’re trying to build your network. And know when you stop talking shop.”@Pamela_Lund,

“I’d say be yourself and go out of your comfort zone to meet new peeps at the events & bars.”@hawksm

“Bring chewy vitamin c and Gatorade mix to stay healthy and hydrated. No matter what, drink a 32oz Gatorade or water before bed. The air, drinks and smoke on top of the long day will drain you”@daver,

“I recommend connecting with people you want to meet on twitter prior to going to vegas and keep a look out for pubcon hashtags while there. There’s always things going on usually right around you”@sujanpatel,

“Don’t plan on doing sessions after the first day. Unless you don’t like to be awesome and party like me.” – Lauren Miehe

“Double Fist”@cKdisco,

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