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Google to Require Canonical and AMP Content to Match

Starting February 1, 2018, Google will require parity between canonical and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) if publishers want their content to be served as AMP in mobile search results. This is to prevent publishers from using AMP “teaser pages,” incomplete pages that require users to click to the canonical page to access the full content. […]

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3 New Ways to Engage with Your Audience via Google

Recent Google My Business Updates You May Not Have Heard About Customers have choices when it comes to selecting a local business and search is often their starting point: 82 percent of people use search engines for local information, and 70 percent view several businesses before opting for one. An appealing, informative Google My Business […]

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Why Craft Dynamic Personalized and Customized Content?

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 21 seconds. Personalization. Customization. You’re probably familiar with these industry buzzwords—but what’s behind them? Why are so many content marketers shifting their strategy toward such trends? Consider these statistics: 77% of consumers have chosen, paid more for, or recommended a brand that offers a personalized experience. 1 56% of marketers believe […] Read This Post
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Content Marketing As Conversation

“In fact, the Internet itself is an example of an industry built by pure conversation.” –The Cluetrain Manifesto 1 The consumer landscape of the last couple centuries has been littered with loud, droning demands for customers’ attention, without much consideration for their needs. From the mass production of the Industrial Revolution to the broadcasting of […]

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